4 Things to Think About Before Building an App

Determine Your Goals

The very first thing you need to do is determine your goals for your app. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Increase sales? Train your sales team? Create a more effective presentation tool?

Narrow your list down to one primary goal and one secondary goal. Keep this within reach at all times. Maybe print it out and put it on the wall. Or even consider a tattoo. Whatever it is, you need to constantly refer back to these goals throughout the entire development process.

Having a goal in mind is going to help you narrow your expectations, organize your content, and measure success. Whenever you come across a tough decision to make on content or organization, ask yourself “Does this help me achieve my primary goal?”. If it doesn’t, scrap it and find something that will help you achieve that goal.

Because My Competitors are Doing it is Not a Good Reason

“Well my competitors have an app so I guess we need one too.” “Our competitors have these three categories, we should have those too.” “Our competitors used a video to tell their story so we need to create a video”

Yikes, did you already forget about your goal setting? Too many times we hear this as reasons for creating an app or organizing your content in a certain manner. You need to think about your users not your competitor’s users.

I’m not saying don’t look at the app, you need to be aware of the competition.

Which leads me to my next point -

Do your Research

It’s important to know the latest trends, what makes an app successful, and what you don’t like in UX and design.

For each app, write down 3 things that you like about it and 3 things they could improve on. Focus on big strategies and concepts not small details.
- Do you like the organization?
- What makes it easy or difficult to navigate?
- Is their introduction compelling? Why?
- Is there a transition or effect you like?

After you have your list, set the app aside. You want to be inspired and aware but not copy.

Build the app around the content

Keeping your primary goal in mind, determine what content that will need to go in your app. Start making a list of everything you have and everything you need to create. This should include text, images, videos, animations, everything! Even if you are not sure that you can create it, write it down.

The hardest thing is to have your navigation and structure of your app done to find there is no way to get enough content. Or that you found an excellent video but there is no where to put it.

Don’t feel like you have to do this all on your own. Here at Storycode we are experts at research, planning, and mobile strategy. We can help you discover your goals and create the content you need to produce an effective app for your audience.