5 DPS Tips

1. Choosing the right platform - 

It comes down to one simple question: how much utility vs. design interactivity are you shooting for? Unless you answer that, you’re letting the platform dictate what is possible.


2. It’s not a website - 

The focus of an app is most successful when it is clear and narrow (think a pair of shoes, not a whole wardrobe). Recreating a website or trying to be all-inclusive makes no sense.


 3. Leverage your site -

In many cases a website/app combo can be the perfect compliment. For example, we recently created an app for an artist. Her work included both sculpture and prints – two very distinct audiences. We were able to make two distinctly different apps. We kept the full catalogue and price lists on her website. This allowed us to keep the app experience beautiful, clear and engaging; the website utilitarian and all inclusive —and they were able to cross promote.


4. Reading experience -

I’m a type-junkie, so I love the fact that the reading experiences are being re-imagined on apps. Unfortunately many folks are treating the text as an afterthought. Each app needs to be approached uniquely — based on its content. No one wants to read a book broken up one paragraph at a time.


5. Distribution -

When a tree falls in the woods and no one is there, does it make a sound? It doesn’t matter how great the app is, if you don’t have a way to reach your target market it won’t work. And right now the inverse is true; there are some very mediocre apps getting a lot of attention because they have great distribution.