Increase sales team performance with the industry’s best and easiest-to-use Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) entitlement solution

The 6D DPS Entitlement System product integrates with Adobe’s DPS platform and allows non-technical administrators to easily manage user and group entitlement for multiple apps in the organization. This product sets itself apart from the competition with its intuitive and easy to use web interface that is accessible on any device (mobile and desktop). 6D’s product is available in SaaS, Private Cloud or On-Premises options.

6D DPS App on iPad The 6D DPS Entitlement System makes managing users and apps easy with its intuitive interface.


  • Extremely intuitive interface makes this the easiest-to-use solution in the market
  • Reduce speed to launch by not having to go through IT; all that's needed is a list of users and a list of folios
  • With end-user runtime registration option, even a list of users is unnecessary
  • Simple access to the 6D Entitlement dashboard from desktop, tablet or phone


  • Provide administrators the ability to surface or restrict content based on login credentials and permissions
  • Provide access to individuals and groups
  • Manage user profiles in simple dashboard
  • Protect sensitive content
  • Distribute different materials to each team; users only see what they need
  • Complete hosted solution or onsite configuration and integration
  • iOS, Android, Windows support
  • Manage users in multiple DPS applications
  • Flexible user onboarding: Register users inside the application at runtime, use your LDAP server to manage users, authenticate with Salesforce, import a list of existing users, or custom user database integration available
  • Branded client and app information
  • Mobile-enabled administrative user experience
  • App-specific registration, account recovery and login pages
  • Optional self-registration and default groups
  • LDAP integration
  • Bulk import/export of users and groups
  • Optional authentication through 3rd parties (Salesforce, Twitter, OAuth, etc.)
  • Support for multiple administrative users