Source: Investopedia

“Even if the worst does not come to pass for Flash and the rest of Digital Media, Digital Marketing looks like the growth engine for Adobe – particularly as there hasn’t been all that much organic growth at Adobe in a while. Lucky for Adobe, there should be real opportunities here in providing tools to allow companies to optimize content (and ads) for their audience/customers. Analytics and optimization are increasingly important to developers, particularly with the transition to mobile devices (what works/looks good on a big screen doesn’t necessarily translate to a smaller device).”

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Commentary: TJ Iaciofano
This article hits the nail on the head. Adobe has new profit centers. As experts in the CQ5 market we have witnessed the increase in demand on this platform. Recent acquisitions have positioned Adobe is a very promising spot. Fortune 500 companies who have been holding back IT budgets are now pushing forward and rebuilding their WCM and content management technologies. Once the economy rebounds; internal marketers and communicators will be given new controls over messaging. Personalization of message will dominate the next wave of website management. I expect the WCM market and specifically the CQ5 space to grow at sustained rates for the foreseeable future.