Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 is the latest release in the long line of CQ/Adobe Experience Manager products. AEM6 now has monitoring capability beyond what was included in previous releases, built-in to the WCMS out of the box. Navigating to "Tools"->"Operations"->"Dashboard"->"Health Reports" will present you with a screen containing multiple color-coded 'tiles' representing monitored parameters like the one below.

AEM6 Monitoring Dashboard

As you can see, each tile is color-coded to provide an easy-to-view snapshot of the health of the AEM instance. Red indicates a failing healthcheck, yellow indicates an undesirable state of a parameter, while green indicates all items pass the health check.

Each 'tile' can be clicked to dive into the status of the item the tile is reporting on:

AEM6 Monitoring Dashboard System Checks

Once clicked the tile switches to list out log style any issues encountered when running the system check. For instance, when checking the "Default Login Accounts", it lists out tests conducted, the result, and some hints regarding how to remedy the issues presented.

User Account Health Check

While this is a time saving addition in regards to quickly identifying issues with running AEM instances it doesn't entirely replace configuring AEM correctly, and shouldn't be relied on in place of best practices such as the AEM Security Checklist. These best practices are what would provide the most in terms of configuring or maintaining AEM instances. However it is nice to have this dashboard at the ready for when something crops up on already deployed instances.