By now everyone has read the news about Chinese Hackers infiltrating U.S government websites. Unfortunately this has been happening for years.  Prior to these attacks there were instances where Chinese hackers attacked the U.S for fun and profit and U.S hackers have targeted China in the past due to their political stances on varying agendas primarily their views on human rights or lack there of. Why is this such news now?  The main reason is it seems that the attacks are more military targeted than any previous attacks.  The Chinese seem to blame the U.S for instigating these attacks because of the established United States Cyber Command Center.  They see this as an open invite it’s the you spy we spy mentality obviously whats good for us must also be good for the Chinese.  Ultimately what all this comes down to is getting an edge.  While most of the top Security Firms in the world reside in the United States most of the Cyber Espionage that occurs happens from outside U.S borders.   Our government constantly being hacked is a sad case of America not taking it’s own medicine.  The worlds first taste of the prospects of Cyber Warfare was initiated years ago by a hacking group calling themselves the “Legions Of The Underground” they as well as other largely respected groups at that time laid the foundation for self policy and policing what we consider “Cyber Warfare”.  One last thing to bring up is the business of Hacking. Intellectual property whether it belongs to a company or a country has an extremely high monetary value especially considering who maybe paying.  As long as there is good money involved the business of Cyber Warfare, and Espionage will not be leaving anytime soon.  Lastly, the worlds best is right here in our backyard I think it’s time to start getting to work.