In this article, I'll briefly illustrate a major difference between CQ 5.6.1 and AME6 when it comes to Users and Groups permissions. I am not fully aware the scale or the extent of the impact this might cause on upgrading from CQ 5.6.1 to AEM6, but I thought it's worth sharing.


CQ 5.6.1 AEM6

In CQ 5.6.1, users/groups permissions are stored in a JCR node called rep:policy under the node that was assigned right(s) to a group/user. See figure 1 below:

CQ 5.6.1 Permissions
Figure 1

In AEM6, users/groups permissions are stored in /jcr:system/rep:permissionStore/crx.default/. See figure 2 below:

AEM6 Permissions
Figure 2

This article was originally posted on Center of Excellence's Blog.