Part 2 of 3: The Process

After discovery with the client, the design process begins when Scott Landis and I sit down together. Our combo of designer and developer is key. Not because either one of us couldn’t do it solo, but because it is always stronger when we do it together.

By mapping out the navigation together (wire framing), the designer/developer combo is a great way to have checks and balances. It is always helpful to have multiple points of view. In our case, we have very different perspectives. His is more as a digital native, and I am more of an immigrant. We are constantly battling/discussing how not to dumb down the app which insults the natives, while being clear and intuitive for the immigrants. Additionally we address how to build a stable app, while adding cool. Starting together, we are better able to balance utility and aesthetics, giving up a little of each to achieve the other.

Now think about this: a user’s expectation is based on whatever their last best experience was. Their last best experience is what they are now expecting when they use a mobile device.

We start with client discovery, where we really ask our four questions:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What are the desired outcomes?
  3. What are the obstacles?
  4. How can you help users get what they need?

Then we wire frame, design, test build part of the app, then assess/user test. This always requires us to go back and adjust the design, test build again, assess, and repeat until we have the design and build identified. Then we the app, and do a thorough QA.

Kat Topaz headshot

A firm believer that strong design drives readership, extends brands and just plain makes a difference, Kat Topaz has redesigned hundreds of publications nationwide and repositioned countless brands to huge critical, and financial success. At 6D, Kat applies those same principles to the mobile space, working closely with UX and UI teams to design for every type of mobile strategy. With Kat’s large network of clients and ability to attract top tier talent, design is not an afterthought at 6D. It’s a driving force in the mobile experiences we create.