DPS Seminar

Join Storycode’s Kat Topaz and Scott Landis on April 26th for a seminar at Portland’s Pacific Northwest College of Art where they’ll share their experiences and accomplishments using Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite. Register Here.

From PNCA’s website:


With Adobe DPS, designers can step directly into mobile publishing and deliver impactful stories and products for interactive, multi-media platforms. Working on the DPS platform will engage your design skills, passion for story-telling and professional proficiency with Adobe InDesign. Rather than learning new software or code, Adobe DPS will leverage your design experiences and abilities for the exciting and rapid convergence of publications, products, people and services in the digital realm.

Storycode’s Kat Topaz, Creative Director, and Scott Landis, Lead Digital Publishing Specialist, will share first-hand experiences with developing tablet apps for iOS and Android, the challenges and benefits of digital publishing and why they have chosen DPS as their primary development platform.

Topaz, who has been teaching design at PNCA for many years, has spent over 20 years as a print art director before successfully entering the app world. She enthusiastically shares her experiences and insights, as well as the difference in her approach between print and app projects.

Landis has been developing with the DPS tools for the lifetime of the platform. He will speak specifically about the challenges of an evolving platform, integrating custom-made HTML5 based widgets, as well as give an overview of how the distribution and licensing process works.

Storycode began as a platform agnostic digital publishing agency but has move to an almost entirely a DPS-based firm. They will discuss the reason for this migration due to the speed and control DPS grants them in creating app experiences. They have an impressive trail of accolades, including being selected by Adobe as a DPS Solution Partner, one of ten globally.