DPS Use Up with Continued Growth on iPhone

Adobe recently announced new user metrics for their Digital Publishing Suite products, including average time spend with issues and preferred operating systems. These numbers, released by Adobe, are a result of the new user-side analytics that are available as part of version 28 of DPS.

Time Spent
It is unsurprising that iOS leads Android and Kindle Fire downloads, due to DPS Single Edition only being available for iPad. But it is still somewhat surprising that 97 percent of DPS downloads come from iOS devices.

Even as Apple’s Newsstand struggles to catch on with consumers, DPS developers have found success in building apps for the iPhone, which is now capturing 10 percent of all DPS downloads. This shows significant growth over the 18 months that the iPhone publishing has been available as an add-on to iPad apps made with DPS. While the universal app requirement for DPS publishing to iPhone has likely slowed the growth in the number of iPhone DPS apps, it is easy to see that they are popular with consumers.

Adobe is also seeing significant growth in the amount of time that users are spending with DPS folios. The latest numbers show users spending an average of 45 minutes a month with a DPS folio compared to only nine minutes with publication websites. These numbers show the impact of building an experience especially for a lean back device (like the iPad) as opposed to lean-in devices like desktop computers.

These numbers also are significant for advertisers, who, after largely ignoring digital publication for the last three years, are beginning to see the numbers that make investing in interactive advertising a necessity. With better analytics reporting from DPS, and these overall usage numbers, advertisers will have a reason to target interactive publications.

Digital Publishing Suite continues to grow both within the consumer magazine industry and into other markets and these metrics show the significant advantages you and and your company can see from using DPS as your mobile communication platform.