Featured App: Durocher

Client: Artist Louise Durocher
Use case: Portfolio
Device: iPad
Platform: Adobe DPS
Folio size: 127MB

Background: Trying to put Louise Durocher’s incredibly powerful work into words does not do it justice, yet the way she begins each sculpture is by doing just that. She writes a poem, the story of the piece, and then she begins.

On the surface her work seems so varied, from marble to steel to plexiglass to pencil and paper. However, each piece, large or small, shares a deep emotion that is undeniable. Louise is much like that too.

Working on this project was a personal highlight because Louise and her work came to inspire me so deeply. During the process I felt rewarded every time I witnessed another person moved by her work. It was such a strong reminder of the importance of creating an effective communication tool.

Key details: In this app we were able to allow users to navigate both her sculptures and prints.

Users can read in multiple languages (currently the app features English, French, Chinese or Japanese, more coming).

And allow users to dive deeper on pieces by having access to the poems behind the art, multiple views, and audio of Louise discussing her inspiration.

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