Featured App: Semicon

Client: Greater Portland Inc

Use case: Trade Show Tool

Device: iPad

Platform: Adobe DPS

Folio size: 4MB

Background: This summer Storycode helped Greater Portland Inc (GPI) add another folio to their growing list of digital sales enablement and marketing tools. The latest piece was used to inform computer and electronics manufacturers about the Greater Portland region during the Semicon trade show in San Francisco. This was the first time GPI used iPads at a trade show to help them sell the strengths of the region. Their driving force: the overwhelming feedback they received that no one wanted paper. Infographics were used to present their data. And a feature was included that allowed attendees to enter their email address if they didn’t have time to talk or interact with the app, but wanted the material emailed to them. In addition to going paperless, GPI now had a direct way to contact with the attendees after the show. Since the folio was being used as a tool by the GPI team, there was no need to for attendees to download the app. Thus we assumed the analytics would not add much insight. Making the anecdotal feedback even more important in judging the success of the folio.

Key takeaways: The folio was an effective way of passing on information. Content was easily understood and made a clear and lasting message on the attendees. Information that was portrayed thru maps and quick glances worked better than more in-depth information. The ability to have a non-linear experience was helpful when the GPI staff were asked questions and were able to easily navigate from one section to another. When attendees were offered the printed companion brochures, they were almost always declined. Instead, attendees asked for PDFs or to download the app. Attendees often gathered in groups, making for a different experience than had it been one-on-one with a GPI staff member. Having kiosks would have made it possible for attendees to dive deeper on their own, and would have enabled the staff to be more free to have one-on-one conversations.

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