If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a big fan of simplifying and automating processes. As we’ve been starting to implement Universal Analytics alongside our clients’ current ga.js implementations, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at Google’s analytics.js Dev Guide and Reference pages. Naturally, I wanted to have the analytics.js methods and fields closer and easier to find, so I thought it’d be helpful to create a Google spreadsheet cheat sheet for Universal Analytics.

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The spreadsheet consists of three worksheets: Dev Guide, Method & Field Reference, and Limits & Quotas. Basically, I wanted a quick way to get the information I needed and get on with my life. Granted, I could have just as easily Googled the method or have bookmarked the dev guide (which I still do), I still like having a simple spreadsheet of all the possible options in a single location.

For the Universal Analytics Dev Guide Cheat Sheet, you’ll find references for: Advanced Configuration, Page Tracking, Event Tracking, Ecommerce, Social Interactions, User Timings, Custom Dimensions & Metrics, and Domains & Cookies. I didn’t include Cross Domain Tracking as it’s very different from ga.js, and I recommend you read Googles documentation on Cross Domain Tracking.

The Universal Analytics Method & Field Reference Cheat Sheet contains information on Object Methods, Create Only Fields, Traffic Sources, System Info, Hit, Content Information, App Tracking, Event Tracking, Social Interactions, Timing, and Custom Dimensions/Metrics.

Lastly, the Universal Analytics Limits & Quotas Cheat Sheet contains both property specific and client library quotas and limits.

Again, I’m not creating anything new here. I’m just putting the information that is readily available in Google’s Universal Analytics documentation into a Universal Analytics Cheat Sheet for easy reference.

Note: This my first attempt at a Universal Analytics Cheat Sheet, so if you have any recommendations, or would like permission to organize/add content, please reach out to me.

EDIT (08/16/2013): It was brought to my attention that the code to send ecommerce transactions contained unnecessary whitespaces and access quotes. The Cheat Sheet has been updated. Thanks to Tilo Rupsch for pointing out.

Nicholas Blexrud

Nicholas Blexrud - Sr. Technical Analyst

Nicholas is the Sr. Technical Analyst at SwellPath in Portland, Oregon. He spends tons of time in both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and enjoys helping out folks with technical problems.