Limitations to Video on Android Devices

While most things are possible and supported on Android devices, there are some major limitations to video within an app. These limitations include:

Inline videos

An inline video is a video that plays within your app and does not open to full screen. These are very useful and we have used them to add interactive elements without acting like a full video. However, currently this is not possible for Android devices.
Consider using a still image or an animation in Edge Animate instead.

Stop video on last image

Because the video will play full screen instead of inline, the image within your page will always show the image you designated.

Cannot pause and return to video

If you have paused the video and returned to the article, there is no way to return to your spot in the video later on.

Youtube videos in preview mode in the app or on a website

Many times we embed Youtube videos into our apps instead of embedding the video directly in to cut down on size of the app. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work as smoothly for Android as it does for iOS. If you play the video within the app or link to Youtube, only the audio will play. By expanding the video to full screen you can see and hear the video. So it makes it possible to include but doesn’t make the best experience. Another option is to play the video in the native browser outside of the app. This forces the user to leave and then navigate back but it will play the video without issues.

Adobe has announced V29 will be release on December 7th so hopefully we will see improvements to video for Android devices.

For more information on what is not supported on Android visit here.