This morning I was on the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Version 28 release webinar. Along with the expected UI changes for iOS 7, Adobe surprised us with a few new features that makes DPS an even stronger platform for app development, especially for sales enablement and brand engagement apps. Here are my first thoughts about my favorite new features. As we play with them, we’ll be sure to post with examples of the new features.

My favorite new feature is the new DPS camera API, that allows users to insert their own photos into the folios content, and then share that content via social media. Users will be able to either take a new photo or insert an existing photo from their camera roll into a custom designed frame. This means their photo will show up under your branding or custom text. This opens up huge opportunities for brand engagement. Check out the overview and examples from Adobe.

Adobe also is now providing their own Push Notification Service, for iOS devices. No longer do you have to integrate (and pay for) a third-party Push Notification Service to provide custom notifications for your users. Communicating with your customers and/or sales team just got that much easier.

Communicate directly with your users with the new Adobe Push Notification Service.

Publishers now have the ability to schedule their folio availability. This means that you don’t have to stay up all night to publish a folio for availability in China or Western Europe.

Schedule your next folio release, and save yourself a long night or early morning.

Last but certainly not least, is the ability to access web viewer content via mobile Safari on iPad. Now you can provide a web sample to potential users and drive app downloads with one tap links to download from the app store, and allow your users to share content to other iPads without requiring the receiving user to download your app.

Share your content to other iPads via Mobile Safari for iPad.

Make sure to check to back soon for examples of these great new features.