Six Dimensions announced today that the company has moved its San Ramon, CA. office to Pleasanton, CA.

The Pleasanton office will allow Six Dimensions to expand its California location to accommodate the mobile applications team, the web content management architects and developers—as well as its finance and human resources professionals. The location will also serve as a home office to the company’s virtual team when collaborating with clients and partners in the Bay Area. The new Pleasanton office neighbors some of the world’s most innovative technology leaders including Oracle, Cisco Systems and Workday.

With employees in the US and Canada, Six Dimensions also has regional offices in New York, N.Y., and in Cincinnati, OH. The Cincinnati location operates as the regional office for the company’s Digital and Content Management Solutions group as well as the company’s center of excellence, 6D Labs.

“Our company is eager to join Pleasanton’s strong and dynamic economy, which hosts a talented workforce, and is committed to supporting growing technology focused businesses—like ours,” said Tejune Kang, CEO of Six Dimensions.

The new corporate address is 5674 Stoneridge Drive, Ste. 206, Pleasanton, CA 94588. The office contact numbers remain the same, phone ; fax 877-510-5082. For questions please email