Power Design

Today there was a lot of talk around our office about the look of iOS7.  It leaves me with the same feeling of overstimulation as I feel in a mall  —  with too many bright colors, too many sounds, too many flashing lights, all fighting for you attention. As we debated iOS7′s design success, I kept hearing the argument that I’d “get used to it”.

In contrast, tonight I treated myself to reading the latest issue of National Geographic on the iPad. It was a treat to enjoy a magazine when I wasn’t distracted. As I went through the issue (from front to back, something else I don’t do often) a tear ran down my face. I had become so deeply engaged, that upon hearing the emotion in one of the subject’s own voices, I was moved to tears.
Unlike my iOS7 experience that I found to be so annoying, the design of National Geographic was invisible to me. Even with all the videos, 360s, sounds, slide shows — the design became invisible, and I was left with powerful storytelling.
As a designer, I cannot think of a higher honor. When people look back on my work, I hope to evoke higher praise than “we got used to her designs”.
(Shout out to Joe Zeff Design for creating the iPhone and iPad versions of National Geographic)