Why do deals hit the skids after a POC is delivered? Shouldn’t a POC generate more traction, excite the business decision makers and accelerate a close?

We have some tips to handle these situations when we’ve made all the right moves, but the deal stalls.

Tip 1: Who controls the deal?

Typically, proof of concepts are delivered to influencers, and in the case of DPS deals, this means creatives. We call them “sirens of the sea,” because they’ll lure you in with genuine interest, but let you crash on the rocks when it comes to representing the value to business decision makers. Ultimately, you want to ask yourself the question, “Who is in control of this deal?” Influencers love and appreciate the platform and the possibilities but they have no idea how to represent the value DPS to business stakeholders. They are not trained to sell the benefit over cost, are ill equipped to answer questions about technical integration and security and fall short making the case for enterprise mobility in general.

Tip 2: Success Criteria Agreement

At 6D Mobile, we have our prospects sign Success Criteria Agreements that guarantee in-person executive alignment meetings after the success criteria of the POC is achieved. If we don’t receive a signed agreement, we don’t produce the POC. The expectations are clear and we take back control of the deal.

Tip 3: Success Criteria Management

Often times, our prospects want a POC but have no defined success criteria to measure the results. This is another way we lose control of the deal. In addition to the Success Criteria Agreement, we make sure to help our prospects define and manage their internal success criteria for the POC, which can include tracking usage, configuring analytics, app walkthrough training and more. The idea is to help your prospects have a well-defined implementation plan so that the value the POC is immediately realized. Our experience shows that prospects often have no POC implementation plan or internal success criteria defined and without those the business decision makers have no basis to move forward other than a pretty presentation. Without the support we are suggesting, the deal will stall.