Reinventing Retail
We’ve all used iPads to sign our credit card receipts. And most of us have ordered food on an iPad in a restaurant as well. But this week Nike is rolling out the first of two new in-store apps on the iPad. This is a significant event, similar to the installation of that first ATM — which forever changed our habits.
Now when you walk into a Nike flagship store, you will find an iPad mounted to the wall among a dozen sports bra choices. Tap its screen and it will help you determine exactly which sports bra will fit and support you best. And while this seems like a natural use for the iPad, it signals the beginning of a new retail experience that will revolutionize the way we shop — one where we depend less and less on the sales staff.
“The sales enabling Nike Bra app just changed the paradigm in retail sales. Now customers can engage with technology to make a purchase decision based on accurate information coming direct from the manufacturer. The implications on retail sales, training and customer engagement are astounding.” — Tim Priest, President, CMO Strategy Group
Over the past year, we have seen exponential growth using apps for internal sales tools to further brand messages. Nike is taking it to the next level by going directly to the consumer. They are able to not only enforce their brand story with their in-store consumers, but also to improve the shopping experience by helping consumers make more informed buying decisions.

Young consumers are already the savviest group of shoppers to date, often doing their research online before setting foot into a store. And now, they will have the ability to control their retail experience as well.