Sales Material: 10 Reasons to Consider Mobile Over Print

We compiled the following list based on feedback from our clients. This list refers specifically to apps built using the Professional or Enterprise level of the Adobe DPS platform for smartphones and tablets.


1. Be Green 

Not only can you add saving money for printing and shipping to the obviously benefits of not using trees, but you are also not limited by a page count. Run as much content as you want, while you’re at it, run as much color as you want too.


2. Extend/Protect Your Brand

Whether your sales material is for internal purposes or customer facing, having the ability to extend the reach of your brand will exponentially increase its effectiveness. Imagine a printed catalogue, you flip right to the page with the products and the prices, you skip all the page with image photos and strategic pull quotes. Thousands of dollars on branding and messaging were skipped passed to get to the bottom line. Now imagine that same catalogue on a tablet. In order to get to the products and the prices you must tap an image to see the product, or have the opportunity to get engulfed in a video. When you reach the products you can tap them to see other colors. Or touch to see a 360-degree view. You have delivered your messages and dictated what pages must be viewed to get there.


3. Ability to Add Multimedia. 

You are no longer stuck with the 2D graph or the single image. With an app, you can add video, slideshows, 360-degree product views. Your customers will be engaged and therefore spend more time with the message you are delivering. Data shows that interactive elements are viewed 3+ times longer than static elements, and returned to more often. (Adobe May 2012)


4. Go Deeper without Feeling Like a Text Book

The amount of information that can go into an app is endless. Unlike a book, which is linear, an app is multidimensional and allows you to dive deep without feeling overwhelmed. Some lose their message in their quantity (think health insurance and financial information). Mobile solutions allow you to navigate directly to what you are interested in, and dive deeper once there. Allowing relevant information to surface in ways users can access with greater ease and understanding.


5. Ability to Update Your Material 

Typo? Old price list? Multiple versions? With mobile, you can have dynamic content and update material that is already in the hands of your sales team or clients. It’s tedious to send out emails with new content and hope everyone uses the most updated version. With DPS apps, you can automatically update the content as often as you would like, no matter the size of the change.


6. Ability to Send Customized Push Notifications

Push notifications are an incredible tool you can use to alert your users that there is a new issue, updated content, or a new feature. You have a built-in distribution tool, that notifies everyone that has your material that new or additional material is available. You can even segment your audience and send notifications based on location, preference, device or behavior.


7. Restricted Distribution, aka For-Your-Eyes-Only Publishing

There are many options when it comes to distributing an app. It can either be done through the app store (Apple, Google Play, etc.) or done privately. When done privately, you hold all the control over who can access the content. From there, you can restrict the distribution even further and decide what content a user can access. This is perfect for internal sales teams who wish to share personalized content with potential customers. And is a great way to send different material out to different regions.


8. No More PowerPoints

Your app is not only a interactive tool for your team, it can be used as a presentation tool. You can project the app on the screen while making your presentation. Further helping you lock down your brand and marketing message in rich interactive presentations.


9. Analytics

When you leave printed collateral behind with customers, you have no idea what they do with it. Do they throw it away? Do they explore it deeper. What sections are they most interested in? With an app, you can track your audience and view which pages they view, how long and how often. This adds information that paper will never be able to tell you. Understanding the  analytics allows you to make better publishing decisions.


10. Always with You

Easy to find and access via smartphone and tablet, and your audience can share pieces or even the entire app via text, email and social.