DK Vault
Image Credit: "DK Vault" By Dinoenthusiastguy
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Using the CRX (Content Repository eXtreme) via CRXDE can be cumbersome especially for testing, the following are easier ways to interact with the CRX via common IDEs. The basic concept is similar to git where as to pull and push from the content repository using an IDE as a catalyst.

Note: This post assumes a standard jcr_root structure is being used ex:[repository-base]\content\src\main\content\jcr_root\...

Warning: Transferring content to and from the CRX does not explicitly mean it is saved permanently. If a Maven build is ran with a filter that overwrites pushed and changed CRX nodes, changes may be overwritten in CRX. Conversely, if a pull happens from the CRX without changes saved in a (git) repository, the changes could be overwritten locally. Please understand the concepts and ramifications behind using CRX and saving files in a repository before attempting to use the products described below.

IntelliJ’s IntelliVault

Install and Setup

  • In the AEM instance's files, locate the FileVault zip. It will be at [instance-location]\crx-quickstart\opt\filevault\
  • Extract the FileVault zip to a new folder.
  • In IntelliJ, install the IntelliVault plugin via searching File > Settings > Plugins menu or directly at:
  • After installed, inside File > Settings > Other Settings > IntelliVault
    • Vault Directory: The extracted FileVault location in the previous steps
    • Temp Directory: Commonly store temporary files location
    • CRX Repository URL: The URL of the AEM instance, most commonly http://localhost:4502
    • Username: The username of the AEM instance, most commonly admin
    • Password: The password of the AEM instance, most commonly admin
    • Ignored files: common files that are undesired to be transferred to the JCR
    • JCR Root Directory Name: jcr_root
      Chrome Console Magic
  • Mapping a keystroke to transfer the file to or from may be desired, I use Control+Shift+P for push.

Usage: Transferring from CRX

  • Find the content to be pulled
    CRX Pull
  • To transfer a file from CRX to IntelliJ, create the folder structure mirroring the path desired to retrieved.
  • Right click on the folder, select IntelliVault > Pull from CRX. IntelliJ Pull
  • The folder will be populated, if available, from what is on CRX.
    IntelliJ Pulled

Usage: Transferring to CRX

  • Below the jcr_root directory in IntelliJ, edit a file normally. I created a file called crx-push-this.html in this example.
  • Typically a mvn build would be done here to get the content/package to the CRX, but instead right click on the file (or folder) in the project tab, and select IntelliVault > Push to CRX. The file will be transferred to CRX in the path it is currently in relative to the jcr_root folder.
    IntelliJ Push
  • Reloading the CRX node, or the page associated with the node should show the changes made to the affected file(s).
    IntelliJ Push

Brackets’ AEM Brackets Extension

Brackets is Adobe’s latest endeavor into the front-end IDE market. It contains similar functionality as IntelliVault, but is done automatically.

Install and Setup

  • Inside Brackets, File > Extensions manager, search for “AEM Brackets Extension”, and install
  • After the install, the menu has a new option “AEM”. Open AEM > Project Settings. These are similar settings to the IntelliJ version, but less robust
    • Server URL: Typically http://localhost:4502
    • Accept self-signed certificates for HTTPS: Typically unchecked
    • Username: Typically admin
    • Password: Typically admin


  • Edit file normally, save file.
  • The file is automatically uploaded to the CRX on save.
  • Note: This can be more risky than the IntelliJ process because if a folder is deleted, it is deleted from CRX automatically also.
  • The manual process for uploading is right clicking on the file or folder and selecting ‘Export to Server’
  • To transfer a file from CRX to Brackets, create the folder structure mirroring the path desired to be downloaded
  • Right click on a file or folder and select ‘Import from Server’

AEM Development Tools for Eclipse

The officially supported AEM Dev Tools can do these CRX push/pull tasks, please see their documentation at: (documentation) and (download).