Companies for years have neglected the importance of building security into their Software Development Life-cycle they always have had to deal with security matters once an intrusion happens. Over the years this has shown to cost enterprises billions of dollars in lost income, potential income as well as loss of client confidence. Data securitybreeches have impacted millions of users from having credit card, and social information security stolen to having their personal privacy exploited because of insecure passwords. It is important more so now than ever to look at security from an organic perspective, and to build security from within and not an after thought.  After thoughts are best saved for  missed attractions during a vacation trip not when dealing with multi-billion dollar enterprises that impact entire peoples lives and in some cases entire economies. Companies trying to bridge the divide between their services and their customers continue to create feature rich self service customer driven interactive portals which by the very nature of creating easy access also creates easy complications and potentially disastrous security risk.   In order for a company to keep pace with today’s security landscape it is important to continually assess how security is dealt with during development as well as perform vulnerability assessments once an application is finished and also again after any major changes. Major things to address during the SDLC are the technologies, and infrastructure used and how that impacts the security posture of the application. Encryption for the data being stored, as well as the data being sent outside of the network. Interactions between 3rd party vendors or client interactions from outside business partners to and from the application. Access management and authentication for any type of back end services or client service portal. The check list goes on. It is important to secure people who specialize in this area to help address and build the security parameters during and after the development process.

Recent major security breeches because of not building security into SDLC or having security closely analyzed by security firm specializing in application securityassessments:

  • Visa & Mastercard
  • DropBox
  • Yahoo
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

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