Wells Fargo was reportedly attacked in the efforts of making a political statement these attacks amounted to the average DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) attack that have been going on for years. The attack usually originates from outside the country of the attacking systems and are carried on by a botnet. A botnet is hundreds, and some times thousands of systems configured to carry out the same trivial routines in hopes that the distributed efforts of these systems would disrupt access to the victims servers in the form of over utilized bandwidth or a concentrated attack to a particular server function or service.  Properly programmed firewalls typically play the first role of defense in these types of attacks, but now new problems arise that carry old consequences and this is due to the ever changing landscape of online self service applications that every bank seems to have in order to provide “ease” of service to their clients. These applications often times do not handle data input properly and can be manipulated by an attacker to the point where it will no longer render service to the client. As you can imagine this has a huge monetary impact on organizations specifically a bank like Bank of America or a CHASE who also was recently targeted in cyber attacks of the same nature.  How do you stop these hackers from engaging similar attacks  to your companies network?  You start with a full inventory of your critical systems and then end up with an assessment of what the true risk are to those systems.  It is only when you begin to understand what these exact risk are that the possibility of re-mediating them prior to an attack can exist.  These scenarios are precisely what our company specializes in. Contact us to do a full analysis of your network, and end to end applications. You’ll sleep a lot better a night knowing you did….