What’s New with DPS Version 31

V31 was recently released and we are pretty excited about the new changes. With each release comes new functionality and features that improve the overall platform. We are very lucky to work on a platform that is consistently improving.

Here are some of the new features that have been added in v31:

Scheduled background downloads

Until now, background downloads had to be triggered manually. But now, you can schedule your background downloads. Giving your users new content while their device is asleep. This is going to help your workflow because now you will be able to schedule your folio publish, background download and notification to readers.

Required Folio Updated

Another update that came with v31 is to require a folio update. If this is set, the user will not be prompted to update, it will automatically start downloading. If the user is on cellular connection the update will still be optional but as soon as they connect to Wi-Fi it will become mandatory. If the folio is currently in use when the update is pushed out, an update prompt will appear.

This is perfect for updates to sales collateral. You will now have even more control over the content your sales team is showing.

Text Notification Leading to Specific Article

The text notification system has greatly improved in this release giving you more options. When you send a text notification, you can specify the exact article within a folio to open. This is perfect for highlighting and bringing attention to a specific change. This is beneficial if you have added a new section to your app or what to highlight a section that might have been missed. Check out more tips on utilizing push notifications here.  

Changes to Folio Showcase in the Library (For iPad subscription apps)

showcase_pluralist_v31(Photo credit – Adobe)

The default library has changed for subscription apps giving your new content higher priority. The most recent folio is now larger and showcased above the rest of the folios. Buy issue, subscribe and preview call out buttons are more prominent as well.

CRM Integration

With this update, you can now use third-party CRMs (such as Salesforce) to measure content consumption data. Set up Salesforce before entering a meeting and it will keep track of articles viewed, total time, etc. This is perfect if you need to remember what was shown in previous meetings. But it’s also beneficial when analyzing full sales teams. You can determine what content is the most important and beneficial by viewing what content your top sales members are showing their customers. This is a huge piece for analyzing and improving your sales team.

Click here for a complete list of updates including the updates for Android, Windows and web viewer