Paid Media Specialist

Position Title:

Paid Media Specialist


Portland, OR or San Diego, CA

Job Description:

The Media Specialist (MS) interacts with clients and recommends channel or mix of channels best suited for the client’s campaign objectives. The MS articulates the client’s KPIs and budget. The MS creates a media plan that breaks down spend by network or ad type (e.g. remarketing PLAs paid search Display Digital Video and Audio). The key deliverable is a forecast of visits conversions or other key metrics based on solid analysis of historical trend data. The MS presents opportunities for account expansion to clients in an engaging manner backed with visual and data support.


1+ years of hands-on experience managing B2B and B2C AdWords and Bing pay-per-click accounts with combined spending of at least $50000+/month

Must be Google AdWords Certified

1+ years Google Analytics experience (certified) with the ability to utilize Google Analytics for advanced analysis that AdWords data and reporting cannot support.

1+ years of experience developing launching and managing brand and performance driven campaigns with the Google Display Network

Experience implementing and managing campaigns within the following social media channels and can verbally articulate the various advertising opportunities that exist within Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and YouTube Advertising

The ideal candidates will possess:

Basic understanding Marin software and its uses in multi-platform bid management and reporting

Understands conversion scripts (tags) and is able to explain to stakeholders how they need to be placed within a page or tag management system

Can design client reports from scratch. This includes complete periodic (weekly monthly quarterly) reports as well as ad hoc reporting

Distills data and metrics into understandable findings that support clear recommendations (or actions)

Has immaculate attention to detail and aesthetically and visually appealing layouts and formatting in reports.

Understands and can articulate to clients what constitutes a good landing page and provide examples the client can use to design their own

Contributes to the creative/design process and make strong messaging copy and content recommendations

Understands the basic elements of marketing automations systems and be able to log into the system and work with templates to create landing page versions and tests

Has solid knowledge of AdWords scripting and has the ability to generate scripts to create account management efficiencies

Understands basic HTML and has experience writing basic HTML snippets

Can identify JavaScript tags or snippets and the custom data being passed into variables within those scripts


Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field

Google AdWords Certified