On 6D Radio we talk about all the ways the digital world changes what it means to be human. We discuss what it’s like to work closely on projects with people you’ve never met in person. We tell the stories of our people. We laugh about all of the weird ways technology changes our lives a little every day.

#21 Creative days

This week on 6D Radio: we talk about creative days. Spearheaded by VP of Creative, Kat Topaz, creative days are full work days when employees are encouraged to get inspired and recharge their creative batteries. Tune in and hear all about it. Email us! podcast@6dglobal.com

#4 Collaboration: The beginning

Welcome to the 6D Global’s weekly podcast, where we have gathered here today to talk about the marriage of design and technology. In episode #4, we launch the very first of our collaboration series! And what better way to do that than to tell the origin story of how our creative team came together? This week VP of Mobile Creative 

#3 Design: Logo Process

Welcome to the weekly 6D Global Podcast, where we contemplate the thrilling symbiotic relationship between technology and design! In episode #3, we talk about logo redesigns — specifically three recent projects our creative team just completed for Unroll.me, Speir.TV and 3toPh.D. They’re all very different project