6D AEM Mobile Entitlement System

The 6D AEM Mobile Entitlement System product integrates with Adobe’s AEM Mobile platform and allows non-technical administrators to easily manage user and group entitlement for multiple apps in the organization. This product sets itself apart from the competition with its intuitive and easy to use web interface that is accessible on any device (mobile and desktop). 6D’s product is available in SaaS, Private Cloud or On-Premises options.

The app and user dashboards demonstrate the easy to use interface.

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  • Extremely intuitive interface makes this the easiest-to-use solution in the market
  • Reduce speed to launch by not having to go through IT; all that’s needed is a list of users and a list of folios
  • With end-user runtime registration option, even a list of users is unnecessary
  • Simple access to the 6D Entitlement dashboard from desktop, tablet or phone


  • Provide administrators the ability to surface or restrict content based on login credentials and permissions
  • Provide access to individuals and groups
  • Manage user profiles in simple dashboard



6D offers a software-as-a-service solution allowing for a very quick and reliable deployment. This solution offers a secure, scalable, low cost solution for customers looking for a turn-key solution.


6D offers a private cloud option for clients who wish for the security and customization of their Entitlement Server installation, but still leverage 6D Managed Services to maintain and support their installation.


On-Premises installations allows clients complete control over their Entitlement Server installation.



6D can customize the workflow and look and feel of the Entitlement Server allow for a truly custom experience for administrators and customers.
6D can configure authentication with 3rd-party services (like Salesforce, Twitter, etc.)

DPS Design and Development Services

6D Creative and 6D Web Experience are premier agencies for designing and implementing beautiful and advanced digital solutions. We can provide creative and technological augmentation and solutions to support business needs.

Private Cloud Managed Services

When leveraging a Private Cloud solution, 6D can provide Managed Services to provide support and high availability SLAs to keep your Entitlement Server up, manage upgrades and updates and support your team.