Pando captures the collective mindset and philosophy of 6D Global Technologies for how development should be conducted on every AEM project.

Our framework is focused around coding and design best practices, sustainable development / deployments, and solving deep technical issues that can plague AEM projects in ways the stock AEM reference architecture cannot. As the name implies, Pando is the durable foundation on which successful projects are built.

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Pando is a technology platform accelerator with two major customer types.

New Customers to Adobe

Accelerate the adoption of AEM by providing a foundational layer to build and manage experiences.

Existing Customers of Adobe

Accelerate the upgrade from AEM5 to AEM6 by providing a baseline development package to convert to. Convert existing AEM6 projects over to Pando for sustainability and standardization.

Fast Facts

  • Over 25 6D experts contributed to RC1.0
  • Project Setup can occur in less than 2 hours.
  • Uses Adobe ACS Commons as root methodology.
  • Includes the most popular front-end frameworks, Bootstrap and Foundation
  • Culmination of 12 months of AEM Development.
  • The product of 5 Senior AEM Technical Architects vision.
  • 100% free of client code.
  • Used at 6D for internal R&D
  • Fully responsive
  • Supports AEM 6.0, 6.1, 6.2
  • Contains 100 million lines of code.
  • Zero Bench Philosophy
  • Touch-UI First Authoring
  • Document knowledge share collaborated by AEM Experts
  • Developer onboarding in less than an Hour.